Top 10 places to spend New Year’s Eve in India

What can be better than welcoming New Year at a famous place and help you freeze

a destination in a snap.

Create your best memorable time in India and it will not let you down.

What better than the last month of the year to explore India? An amazing way to kickstart new years is by traveling to an amazing new place!So, here we present some of our favorite new year party getaways. These beautiful places to visit in December in India are surely going to make for a perfect holiday destination!

The city that never sleeps, Mumbai is totally a place for party animals. No sleep and dance all night is the mantra of Mumbaikars. They love to celebrate New Year with enthusiasm and ardor. Be it a house party or at a beach, you will enjoy every sip of your drink when you see the city lit up with lights and crackers. The hotels and lounges in the entire city also gear up for parties where one might also spot the star celebrities of the film industry. Marine Drive is one of the best places to sit with friends and sip in your drinks on the eve of New Year.

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