Revive your cultural connect at ‘The Festival of Bharat’

The Festival of Bharat is a 21st Century tribute to the majesty and depth of our civilization.

During the four-day festival, there will be Live Music Concerts, Live Debates and Panel Discussions, Ayurveda based cuisine, Mass Yoga sessions and an Organic Holi Party. Some of the speakers include Shri Subramanya Swamy, Shri Rajiv Malhotra, Acharya David Frawley, Shri Sanjiv Sanyal, Smt. Madhu Kishwar, to name a few. Sinu Joseph, the Managing Trustee of Mythri Speaks is also one among the speakers.

The stage is set for music, dance, debates, and fashion at the Festival of Bharat (FoB), which promises to expand India’s rich philosophical systems, her vibrant customs, and her art. It will bring global travelers together to experience India’s ancient traditions of civilized debate, her myriad cuisines, her optimism, her playfulness, and her boundless love.

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